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“He makes it look so easy, so sweet,” DeAndre Jordan said after the game. “It’s like poetry in motion.”It wasn’t the NBA 2K18 MT only time Crawford used a behind-the-back move to score on Saturday. He hit Joe Johnson with a double behind-the-back move on the way to the rack and tortured Hood, who checked the dreaded bench scorer much of the night.


The Clippers are now a half-game behind the Jazz for the fourth seed in the Western Conference. The two teams are a near lock to face each other in the first round of the West playoffs. If Crawford continues gunning how he did on Saturday, the Jazz will be in trouble in April. NCAA tournament 2017: The best and worst from Friday’s Sweet 16 games


And just like that, 68 teams have become eight. It always seems strange to think about it in those terms once you get to NBA Live Mobile Coins this part of the tournament voyage, where the houses below that looked like specks just a few days ago have started to look like houses again. So much happens in such a short period of time during March that time itself gets distorted. It feels like months, not less than two weeks, since the final day of conference tournament play and the release of the NCAA tournament bracket.


Yet here we are, knowing that there are now just eight teams capable of realizing the same dream that 60 others had two Sundays ago. The field was whittled down to that number on Friday after a quartet of games that featured the showcase contest of the Sweet 16 and a post-midnight thriller for the second time in as many days. Here’s the best and the worst from everything that went down on Sweet 16 Friday. Best game(4) Florida 84, (8) Wisconsin 83 (OT) (East)The evening was supposed to belong to Kentucky-UCLA,


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